CentOS7 に Python3 インストール


IUS Community Projectのリポジトリを入れる。

# yum install -y https://centos7.iuscommunity.org/ius-release.rpm


# yum search python


# yum search python36
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============================================================================================================================ N/S matched: python36 =============================================================================================================================
python36u-debuginfo.x86_64 : Debug information for package python36u
python36u-lxml-debuginfo.x86_64 : Debug information for package python36u-lxml
python36u-mod_wsgi-debuginfo.x86_64 : Debug information for package python36u-mod_wsgi
python36u-psycopg2-debuginfo.x86_64 : Debug information for package python36u-psycopg2
python36u-setproctitle-debuginfo.x86_64 : Debug information for package python36u-setproctitle
python36u-test.x86_64 : The self-test suite for the main python36u package
uwsgi-plugin-python36u-debuginfo.x86_64 : Debug information for package uwsgi-plugin-python36u
python36u.x86_64 : Interpreter of the Python programming language
python36u-debug.x86_64 : Debug version of the Python runtime
python36u-devel.x86_64 : Libraries and header files needed for Python development
python36u-gunicorn.noarch : Python WSGI application server
python36u-libs.x86_64 : Python runtime libraries
python36u-lxml.x86_64 : XML processing library combining libxml2/libxslt with the ElementTree API
python36u-mod_wsgi.x86_64 : A WSGI interface for Python web applications in Apache
python36u-pip.noarch : A tool for installing and managing Python packages
python36u-psycopg2.x86_64 : A PostgreSQL database adapter for Python
python36u-redis.noarch : Python interface to the Redis key-value store
python36u-setproctitle.x86_64 : Python module to customize a process title
python36u-setuptools.noarch : Easily build and distribute Python packages
python36u-tkinter.x86_64 : A GUI toolkit for Python
python36u-tools.x86_64 : A collection of tools included with Python including 2to3 and idle
uwsgi-plugin-python36u.x86_64 : uWSGI - Plugin for Python support

Name and summary matches only, use "search all" for everything.


# yum install python36u python36u-devel python36u-libs python36u-pip


# python -V
Python 2.7.5


# python3.6 -V
Python 3.6.4


# which python3.6

# cd /bin/

# ln -s /bin/python3.6 python3

# which python3